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Remote Freelance World of Warcraft Classic Levelling

Blazing Boos Srl
Data:21-9-2019  Local: Lisboa

Job description
Blazing Boost Srl is looking for new levelers for WoW Classic boosting services. You can do the boosts yourself or you can get us people who can do them.


YOU NEED to have experience in WORLD OF WARCRAFT and to be able to commit to the task otherway do NOT apply.
You do NOT have to be a WoW pro. We need you to have an overall experience in World of Warcraft where you did at least max level before; the guides will also give you a clearer idea of what to do.
You cannot drop the service after you start it. If the payment doesn't motivate you and this is too much hassle for you, don't bother applying/refer a friend without this very clear concept on his mind.
You will have to commit 7/7 days every week and 7-8h /day every day. If you will skip any days you will have to get them back by working more, we perfectly understand that this "job" it's really low paid and it's a bad offer if you are not passionate about WoW, reason why we are being 100% clear and honest. Sadly those are the market prices at the moment and customers want the levelling done fast since they already have to wait 3 weeks.
Complete the 1 to 60 leveling in max 3 weeks.


via PayPal;
we pay 55-60% of the prices you see on our website https://blazingboost.com/wow-classic/leveling-boost-60. The first payment you should expect is around 190€ for 1->60 leveling. (the % depends on how fast you do it). After you will do your first order, if you will respect the ETA we will consider you a strong leveler and you will get access to do the "express" and after that "superexpress" orders which are paid more, and result in a higher payment €/h. In your first order, it will take you about 160-180h to complete it, it means in the worst case, since the payment it's of 190€, you will be making 1.1€/h. The second time you will make it, it will take you about 140h and so on. You will become better and better at it. The fastest leveler in the world did it in 75h, but we want to be realistic and expect the worst rather than giving you false expectations for your first order. Basically that job its something anyone with experience in WoW can do, he just has to commit and be motivated/interested in this position.

Good Notes:

We will provide you guides and tips on the best ways to do the levelling.
The first boost to 60 will take you longer, but after the 1st one you will be way quicker because you will already know most of the things to do.
It's an endless work. As you become an expert on this, we will ALWAYS have services to provide you. We will be like an infinite source of work for you once you want to do it within the years as this service will ALWAYS be requested since the amount of customers will always exceed the amount of boosters. Becoming an expert on this can be a real job that will make you 600/800€+ /m after you become an expert and we prioritize you with superexpress services.
There are Express / Super Express ("Priority") orders you could take. These are available if you have good experience or after your first boost. They require you to play more but they are paid better of course.
Payments can start from 190€ and even reach 400-500-600€ according to the priority, class, and extra options chosen by the customer. There is a lot of flexibility and work for everyone.
If you do not want to do Leveling boosts with specific deadlines, you will be able to just farm level 60s in your free time on your own accounts and sell accounts separately. You will be able to sell in-game items, or more. There are a lot of opportunities but we'd like to test you with a leveling first.

Here is a link to directly apply: https://careers.blazingboost.com/o/remote-freelance-world-of-warcraft-classic-levelling/c/new


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